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WHS Boosters Club



The Weston High School Boosters Club is a non-profit organization that funds expenses not covered in the athletic budget.  The budget has stayed flat for a number of years, and in some years has decreased.  In addition, costs are increasing, and the athletic department depends on Boosters to help support our teams.  That is why we need all athletes’ families to become members!

Following is a summary of how Boosters members have most recently helped Weston student athletes: 


     Leadership Circle: $6,000 per year
     NFHS School Broadcast Program:  $6,500
     New Championship Banners in New Gym: $4000
     Lower Turf and Stadium Scoreboards: ($7200)
     Athletic Department: golf cart ($2800)
     Swimming and Diving: score console ($3775), touch pads ($2000) & diving board fulcrum ($2500)
     Ski: GS Suits ($4500)
     Volleyball: backpacks and training tools ($2200)
     Wrestling: bags and jackets ($1400)
     Boys Basketball: shooting shirts & sweats ($2500)
     Girls Basketball: shooting shirts & practice jerseys ($1400)
     Track: pole vault and high jump pits ($1635)
     Boys Lacrosse: helmets ($1750)
     Girls Cross Country: warm-up jackets ($1100)
     Baseball:  dugouts ($1000) and fencing ($2000)
     Softball: scoreboard ($3050)
     Baseball and Softball:  indoor batting cage net ($1825)
     Soccer: drill mannequins ($1980)
     Boys Soccer: warm-ups ($2100)
     Golf: range finders ($1300)
     Spectator buses for playoff games: $3,000


In addition, Boosters has annual financial commitments to the Town of Weston, which goes towards paying off the Booster Barn and Stadium Complex loan, and to the Turf Replacement Fund.


Last year approximately 30% of our athletes’ families became Boosters members.  To continue to support our student athletes, we strive for 100% participation.  Join Boosters today and help us continue to fund our athletic programs and fields!




  1. Click Here To Become a Member.  Online payment is quick and easy!
  2. Send a check to WHS Boosters Club in care of Mark Berkowitz, Director of Athletics, at Weston High School.

 If you have any questions or would like to become involved with Boosters, please contact:  Tammy Roberts, WHS Boosters Club President, at .

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